R & D

R & D

Shadypack the only packing company who possess Research & Development Department in Egypt.

With over 400 moulds where the 2nd runner only have 30 moulds, we are by far the leader of the market.

In order to keep staying on the top we are now in the process of obtaining the Green Belt as we have been engaged in 6 Sigma Program , which profoundly will change the Quality concept in the whole industry.

we always aim to be proactive rather than being reactive using a whole team to predict the upcoming trends in the market and the industry.

Recent Actions Taken
  • Development of a unique closure technique to be more suitable to the market needs.
  • Change of PS to laminated PS (LPS) which is completely safe for human health ( check materials).
  • Create more sizes and different colors to suit different purposes and usages.
  • Coloring Branding Concept.
  • Modular Packing Technique.