HACCP Program: Hazarded analysis and critical control points

The company has established a program for the HACCP system includes:

  • Risk analysis for all operations and products.
  • Determine the critical point for each critical point.
  • Identify corrective actions to be taken in cases of non-correspondence to each critical point.
  • A training program for employees
  • An annual program of self-revision plans for the HACCP.
  • Control of the critical points and that staff are fully aware of the critical points and take appropriate corrective actions.
  • Achieved BRC-IOP requirements and is considered the toughest requirements in the world

Thus identifying any possible contamination during the various stages of manufacture and assuring the final product to be hygienic.

The ability to interfere with each critical point, makes it easy to take the necessary corrective actions and non-pollution products or damage.

Establishment of an annual program of self-revision of the HACCP plans to make sure the critical points on the production line still valid.