Good Manufacturing Practices

SHADY PACK developed GMP program for the employees, visitors, suppliers and maintainers to inform them how to enter the factory in a safe way for themselves and the products.

And the reason is to avoid the pollution which may be caused by the unawareness of workers in the Manufacture.

So by developing new hygienic policy in the company, giving our employees training to inform them with the importance of a general hygienic attitude and by supervising their attitude we achieve the maximum hygienic atmosphere.

Hygienic Practice:

The hygienic attitude for all the employees in the company not only the ones who have contact with our finished product is a very important parameter in the field of Pharmaceutical & Food manufacturing which leads o avoidance of any disease and/or injury.

To achieve the above mission SHADYPACK put the following steps:

  • Using the head cover to cover the hair.
  • Wear the specific hygienic work clothes to cover all parts of the body that have hair.
  • wearing any gold or watches are forbidden.
  • Avoidance any sort of sprays or perfumes.
  • Avoidance of eating, chewing gum, eating or smoking except in the specified areas.
Personnel Hygiene:

Every person who encounters contact with products or with any surface to wear a special uniform while maintaining a high degree of personal hygiene.


SHADYPACK has provided sinks at every entrance for the area of operations. The company put posters urging employees and visitors to wash their hands before entering the areas of operations.

Infectious and communicable diseases:

Prevent workers infected with communicable diseases to work in the areas of operations until full recovery.

Wounds should be covered with bandages.

To assure prevention of microbiological contamination of products; SHADYPACK Management recommend strongly to all employees to inform management when a suspecting any disease of any personnel is present to prevent food contamination and transmission to the products or the means of trading.

Handling or touching food, both raw materials and finished products by persons injured is prevented until after full healing of these wounds,

The company is also conducting a periodical health check for all employees of the company to ensure their health statues also health certificates issued for them by the competent authorities are a must in addition their certificates has to be renewed periodically.