Shadypack Quality Control System

For us, quality extends from conception all the way to the disposal of the products. Our guiding principle is to continually improve processes within the company and cooperation with customers. The result is a comprehensive quality our customers can place their long-term trust in, and which is the basis for customer satisfaction.

Our quality management system, which is certified according to BS EN ISO 22000, guarantees that the strictest test criteria are met in the receiving inspection of raw materials and in-process as well as final inspection and testing and ensures that quality levels for series production remain high across the board.

With this approach, we aim to meet the market requirements at all times with innovative and efficient solutions and to offer products with a high suitability at a fair price. Working in close partnership with our customers, we use our knowledge and experience for the mutual benefit of all.

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work. Specific qualification measures, further training and motivational support measures represent an important basic requirement for controlled processes and smooth, faultless procedures. Personal performance targets and individual measures are determined in discussions aimed to agree upon joint objectives. In addition, team spirit and interdisciplinary work practices which transcend departments increase the efficiency of the overall system.

We expect our supply partners to adopt our quality principles as well because the quality of their products also plays a considerable role in determining the standard of SHADYPACK products. That is why we work in close partnership with our supply companies and include them in the development and quality planning process early on to ensure that, as there is no breach in the flow of information, products can be manufactured without any defects and supplied reliably using the process.