Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Plastic packaging materials have faced great pressure from environmental protection since emerging.

In the past, the consciousness of environmental protection was not as strong as today hence the accumulation of plastic wastes have brought serious drawbacks to the ecological balance and resulted in great hazards to our living environment.

Quantity reduction, recycling, reuse and degradability are some of the actions taken to reduce such imbalance and protect the environment.

However, in Shadypack we are committed to run our Manufacturing process in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We are keen to achieve our business development and high standards manufacture in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship.

We select the best waste management methods and technology in all our manufacturing process. All our products are recyclable with a high health and safety materials.

It is estimated that, plastic packaging market will maintain its two-digit growth rate. However, we should all have an effective role in protecting our environment.